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Bathsheba Grossman

I am an artist exploring the terrain where art and mathematics meet. My work is about life in three dimensions: working with symmetry and balance, a journey from origin to infinity. I always find beauty in geometry. That is to say, I like to think about shapes and occasionally I think of a new one. Often my designs are intricate and symmetrical, although recently my creations seem to be moving in the direction of biomorphic forms. Above all, they are visions of order in the universe; my peaceful places. I feel calm and hopeful during the process of making them, and my wish is that my art will bring some of the same satisfaction into your life as well.

My geometrical designs have long been known to fans of math/art, and with the new growth in this field being driven by 21st-century design software and manufacturing technology, they have gained vast exposure. My work was significant in pioneering the use of 3D printing as a medium. On the aesthetic side, it demonstrates how freeform fabrication can expand a previously inaccessible design space, opening up tremendous potential and revealing to art collectors an understanding that this technology is quite aesthetically viable. On the economic side, this technology has helped to create a direct-to-consumer niche, convincing developers and investors that utilizing rapid prototyping for art is a substantial and growing market. My open-source designs and the transparency of my working methods have invited extensive participation in math/art and in the use of 3D printing.

My designs range from purely algorithmic to entirely hand-drawn, and are created with a correspondingly wide variety of software, including commercial applications, mathematical research tools, and home brewed Perl scripts. They have an adaptability that lends itself to many applications, so I tend to work on a variety of projects. Some of these projects include: modern contemporary lighting, wearable art and media projects as well as fine art sculpture. I am always interested in new technologies for shape-making, such as ceramic and glass printing, as well as some lively biological forms which have influenced my most recent work.

Yale University, Bachelor of Mathematics, 1988
University of Pennsylvania, Master of Fine Art, 1993

2000 - Bathsheba Sculpture LLC, designing and manufacturing CAD/CAM sculpture about geometry.
2004 - Crystal Proteins, custom protein structures in laser-etched glass.
2000-2005 - Protoshape a Solidscape service bureau focused on creative applications.
1996-00 - Web/CGI/database programmer- many contracts, including the Council on Foreign Relations
1996 - Laboratory Assistant, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.
1993-96 - Adjunct Professor, Pratt Institute, Department of Computer Graphics & Interactive Multimedia.
1993-96 - Technical Associate, Mutual Analytics Corporation.
1987-93 - Programming assistant to various mathematicians, physicists and biologists.

2011 - Contemporary Art Gallery at RAPID, a Society of Manufacturing Engineers conference on prototyping.
2010 - Geometry Playground, a traveling show by the Exploratorium of San Francisco.
2008 - Design & Computation, curated art exhibit at the SIGGRAPH conference.
2007 - Intersculpt Digital Sculpture Competition, 1st prize, juried exhibition.
2005 - Virtual | Tangible, Digital work by jewelers and metalsmiths at The Cleveland Institute of Art.
2004 - International Rapid Prototyping Sculpture Exhibition, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL.
2003 - Interfacing Ideas, group show at the Blue Room Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
2003 - Rhythm of Structure, Math Art in Harlem, Fire Patrol #5 Art Gallery, New York, curated exhibition.
2002 - Euromold World Fair, Frankfurt, Germany.
2002 - Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Visual Art, Holtzman Gallery, Towson University, Towson, MD.
2001 - Intersculpt Artcore, Dayton, OH, juried exhibition.
2001 - Art & Mathematics, Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield, MA, curated exhibition.
2000 - Art & Mathematics 2000, Cooper Union, New York, NY, curated exhibition.
2000 - Science, Technology, and the Artist, Danville Fine Arts Gallery, Danville, CA, juried exhibition.
2000 - Mosaic 2000: A Millennial Open Symposium on the Arts and Interdisciplinary Computing.
1999 - Limner Gallery, New York, NY, group exhibition.
1995 - Fermi National Accelerator Gallery, Batavia, IL, two-person exhibition.

2011 - A page in Fortune magazine
2010 - Additive Manufacturing Technologies: Rapid Prototyping to Direct Digital Manufacturing, textbook cover.
2010 - Ars et Mathesis, an annual series of math/art books in Dutch, illustrates my work.
2009 - The Fundamentals of Product Design, the Quin lamp.
2009 - GemVisions, a jewelry design sourcebook by Swarovski, features the Quin lamp.
2008 - The Symmetries of Things, a mathematical text about symmetry, uses several pieces as illustrations.
2008 - Fragiles This massive, lushly photographed tome surveys modern art in porcelain, glass and ceramics, and also for some reason the Quin lamp.
2008 - Time Magazine's Style & Design 100 chose the Quin lamp as one of the year's 100 most influential design objects.
2008 - Möbelmesse Köln features MGX lamps in an article on trends for 2008.
2007 - Science magazine's review of I Am a Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstader uses an image. The book itself contains another image.
2008 - Discover magazine reviews my work.
2008 - New Scientist magazine used my Calabi-Yau Manifold crystal to illustrate an article on the same.
2008 - Today's Machining World, cover story The Art of Printing Parts
2006 - Time Compression Technologies magazine, cover illustration
2005 - Makers book writeup
2008 - Symmetry magazine, a joint publication of Fermilab and SLAC.
2004 - Wired magazine, a page on proteins in "Play".