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...integrating the mathematical and scientific with the creative and artistic.

MB Honaker was surrounded by the fine arts from an early age; most notably, her mother was a college instructor as well as high school teacher of painting, design and calligraphy for over twenty years. Naturally, having been influenced by her upbringing, Honaker has a profound interest in creating as well as those who create. Honaker completed over five years of college in the fine arts and although she originally thought her time would be better spent creating... she has found an equally rewarding professional interest in supporting and promoting the arts.
Honaker has a natural propensity for aesthetics and presentation. She played an integral part in selecting art and staging exhibitions while working as the art consultant and co-owner of Grogan Gallery of Fine Art. In April of 2008, the decision was made to close the gallery and Honaker opened her own art advisory. This time… Honaker is broadening the direction of the business and expanding the diversity of art she can bring to her clients. In her own words:
I've always had a great love and respect for nature. This admiration manifested into a strong attraction for color, pattern, texture, form, structure and the inner workings of natural objects. In my mid twenties, I became fascinated with the concept that nature expresses itself through mathematical perfection. However, at the time... I saw no practical method or application of how I might pursue this topic. After we closed the gallery, I knew I wanted to stay in the art business and this decision afforded me the time to reflect on what holds the most intrigue and excitement for me within the fine arts.
I love the idea of building a business and essentially a place where we can begin to bridge the gap that our society seems to portray as a chasm... between math, science and the fine arts. They share so many beautiful similarities. Aspects of one... clearly exist closely within the other and therefore can be used as learning tools in order to gain a better understanding of the whole. There is no great separation... only that of mass perception.
My vision and direction for this business is to bring the mathematical and scientific mind together with the creative artistic mind; thus bringing awareness to the public, revealing interconnectedness and enriching the lives of those who seek more, through education and fine art.
The viewer and client will discover a blending of fine art featured on my website. There are those who have traditional fine art backgrounds combined with additional artists whose backgrounds are in architecture, engineering, geometry, mathematics, physics and various other branches of science.
Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you.