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Donna Stoner
Artist, Donna Stoner, fell into a cubist-influenced style quite unintentionally. When Stoner began painting, her style quickly emerged naturally without any intention toward a cubist approach. Her work is reminiscent of the Italian Futurists and the Russian Cubo-Futurists of the early part of last century; whose work was an answer to the French Cubists of the day. Paintings by Stoner capture the spirit of several of the female cubo-futurists like Alice Bailly, Natalia Goncharova, and Alexandra Ekster (one of the founders of Art Deco). However, It wasn’t until a trip to Italy when Stoner discovered the work of Italian Futurist Umberto Boccioni that she stumbled upon the name for what already existed in her mind and on her canvases.
Stoner states, "I am passionate about color, form and composition; exploring them by layering and over-lapping vibrant and translucent acrylics into intense, dynamic and animated works of art." Although her paintings are based in the aforementioned elements, it is how she explores the energy and dynamism of her subject matter, which make her paintings so dramatic. Within her layers, Stoner employs fractal like repetition of shape, which suggests the directional tendencies and rapid vibrations of objects in motion. In her newest series of work, Stoner paints imagery unique to the American Southwest. She captures the awesome vitality of the life that attracts and amazes so many who inhabit, and visit the Sonoran Desert. For a painter, it becomes unavoidable to not allow the uniqueness of this environment to influence the look and spirit of their work. Stoner has been working and teaching as a senior artist for the last nine years at Santa Theresa Tile Works and has exhibited with Grgan Gallery of Fine Art, Raices Taller and Dinnerware in downtown Tucson.
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