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Robert Longhurst

Since 1976, Robert Longhurst's sculpture has defied categorization. The vocabulary that has evolved slowly over the years is distinctive and recognizably Longhurst.
The magic, seduction and technical virtuosity of the Longhurst oeuvre have gained the respect and admiration of collectors, art dealers, wood connoisseurs, museum curators and fellow artists.
The work engages and embraces viewers.I will never forget my older brother opening his last gift for Christmas, 1959; I was ten years old. The gift was an eight inch wood carving my father had done of "Prince Valiant", a character who appeared in the comic section of the Sunday newspaper. That which my father enjoyed as a hobby became the passion of my career. -R.L
NOTES FROM THE ARTISTMy work is a marriage of form, space and material which draws on my background in architecture.
Achieving beauty is the foremost goal. The inspiration for nearly all of my sculpture has its origins in the natural environment. I enjoy the process of working a material to its maximum physical and visual potential; the journey is the destination.

1975 - Bachelor of Architecture, Kent State University, Kent Ohio
1969 - A.A.S.,  Adirondack Community College, Glens Falls, New York

2008 - Los Angeles Art Show(FADA), Los Angeles, CA (Cline Fine Art)
2007 - Los Angeles Art Show (FADA), Los Angeles, (Cline Fine Art)
2006 - Art Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ (Cline Fine Art)
2006 - Los Angeles Art Show (FADA), Los Angeles, CA (Cline Fine Art)
2006 - Solo Show, Cline Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ
2005 - Chicago Contemporary & Classic, Chicago, IL (Cline Fine Art)
2005 - San Francisco International Art Exposition, San Francisco, CA (Cline Fine Art)
2004 - Los Angeles Art Show (FADA), Los Angeles, CA (Cline Fine Art)
2004 - Art Chicago, Chicago IL (Cline Fine Art)
2004 - San Francisco International Art Exposition, San Francisco, CA (Cline Fine Art)
2003 - Los Angeles Art Show (FADA), Los Angeles, CA (Cline Fine Art)
2001 - Art And Mathematics 2001, Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield, MA
2000 - Art And Mathematics 2000, Cooper Union, New York, NY
1994-’99 - Group Show, Cline Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
1995,’96 - US Art, San Francisco, CA (Cline Fine Art)
1994,’95 - US Artists, Philadelphia, PA (Cline Fine Art)
1994 - Art & Math Conference, State University of New York at Albany, Albany, NY
1990-’95 - Group Show, Judy Youens Gallery, Houston, TX
1993 - Solo Show, Judy Youens Gallery, Houston, TX
1993 - Envisioned In A Pastoral Setting, Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT
1992 - Hakone Presentation Show, Hakone, Japan
1992 - Solo Show, Tiffany & Company, New York, NY
1991 - New Art Forms, Chicago, IL (Judy Youens Gallery)
1991-’93 - Summer Sculpture Invitational, Arlene McDaniel Galleries, Simsbury, CT
1990-’91 - Group Show, Nina Owen Ltd., Chicago, IL
1990-’91 - Group Show, Novus, Inc., Atlanta, GA,
1982-’92 - Group Show, Louis Newman Galleries, Beverly Hills, CA
1986 - Solo Show, Tiffany & Company, New York, NY
1986 - Solo Show, Louis Newman Galleries, Beverly Hills, CA
1980-’85 - Group Show, Randall Galleries, New York, NY
1982 - Solo Show, Randall Galleries, New York, NY
1980 - Allied American Artists, New York, NY
1980 - Audubon Annual, New York, NY
1979-’81 - Group Show, Buyways Gallery, Sarasota, FL
1979-’82 - Focus On Art, National Council of Jewish Women, West Orange, NJ
1979 - International Sculpture Fair, New York, NY           
1979-’82 - Group Show, Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL
1978-’80 - Sculpture and Craft Show, Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH
1978-’80 - Group Show, Swearingen Gallery, Louisville, KY
1978-’79 - Group Show, Gilman Galleries, Chicago, IL
1978 - Solo Show, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
1978 - Solo Show, Swearingen Gallery, Louisville, KY
1977-’82 - Group Show, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Adirondack Museum - Blue Mountain Lake, New York
American Craft Museum - New York, New York
American Financial Corporation - Cincinnati, Ohio
Amoco Corporation - Chicago, Illinois
ANA Hotel - Tokyo, Japan
AT&T - Chicago, Illinois
Bank of Tokyo - New York, New York
Bastion Industries - New York, New York
BMC Software - Houston, Texas
Bohlke Veneer Corporation - Fairfield, Ohio
Brown Forman Corporation - Louisville, Kentucky
Burlington Northern Railroad - Fort Worth, Texas
Champlin Oil Corporation - Fort Worth, Texas
Chester B. Stem Incorporated - New Albany, Indiana
Cornerstone Holdings Corporation - Aspen, Colorado
Crown Associates Realty Incorporated - Beverly Hills, California
Danis Industries - Dayton, Ohio
Duke University - Durham, North Carolina
Empire Capital Corporation - Southport, Connecticut
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Fuqua Industries - Atlanta, Georgia
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Valley National Bank - McAllen, Texas
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Victor Wire & Cable - Los Angeles, California
Wigand Corporation - Dallas, Texas

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